Monday 12th of December. About Alfons and how he´s feeling at the moment.

This is a special hello to a man in Liverpool, John, and his family. Therese told us that you are following Alfons and us mostly by talking to Therese, but also by looking at the pictures at this site. We were happy to hear about it, and realised that we had to write something in English for you to read.

Alfons is doing better but he is still not eating anything. He has been hospitalized for one month, since the 16th of November and he´s very sad and almost depressed. On wednesday they are going to do an X-Ray and put a tube (?) into his nose so that he can get some food instead of eating, witch he isn´t anyway. After that he is coming home. Then he is going to learn how to eat again. I long for him and nowadays it´s special when we can be together.

When we first knew that he was sick, and got to the hospital in July, he weigh almost 18 kilos. Now, during the tretments and all the medication, he only weighs 14,8 kilos. He look like a newborn, with the small, tiny and fragile body and this big head. Somtimes you are afraid to lift him up. You are afraid that you are going to break something or that it´s going to cause him pain.

He is very strong though. He is stuborn and honest, witch has helped him during many tough days. This disease is cruel! It is death coming home to you. Opens the door, walks in and takes a seat at the table. And it´s not okey! We are going to get well again and we are not going to accept death in any other way than when it has to take a visit to an old woman or an old man in a natural way!

Thank you for your thoughts and we hope to see you some day!


Postat av: Faster Therese

Hej allihopa! Nu är jag hemma från Göteborg och läste precis vad ni skrivit. Jätte gulligt av er. Nu kan han och hans familj läsa lite. Tack för att ni gjorde det, omtänksamt. Ni är underbara! Klart ni ska få träffa honom. Han kommer hit till Nyår så jag ska försöka få upp honom till Kristianstad. Hoppas att Alfons vågar äta snart. Jag hoppas, hoppas, hoppas. Längtar tills vi träffas till jul. Jag vill även passa på att sända en tanke och hälsning till min vän Maria. Hennes mamma dog igår kväll i cancer. Vi har pratat mycket eftersom vi gått igenom detta under samma tid. Denna sjukdomen är fruktansvärd. Så Alfons fortsätt kämpa och jag håller tummarna imorgon att allting går bra. Älskar er.

Tusen pussar och kramar. Sov så gott aliihopa.

2005-12-13 @ 22:34:49

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